Wordle: Dance Genres

World Dance Day (April, 29)

Let's celebrate the World Day Dance...
People danced to celebrate.
They danced to encourage.
They danced to communicate.
They danced to pray.
They danced together
Sometimes they danced alone...
You can catch the figures of dance in the sports.
A movie becomes a masterpiese with great dances.
You can watch the leaves in the breeze and feel the rhytm in the nature.

Dance is all around us
So Let's celebrate it this time together digitally.

1. Choose a film where the main theme is dance and write a film review. ( glogster or animoto)
2. Research and prepare a poster or a slide show for the top 5 dance themed films. Give information about these films.(glogster or animoto)
3. Choose a country, describe its folklore and traditional dance. (photopeach or prezi)
4. Prepare a timeline showing which dance became popular on each date ( beginning from 1920s)(capzles or Preceden)
5. Find out why World Dance Day is celebrated. (movie maker, xtranormal, GoAnimate)
6. Research and find out why people have been dancing for centuries. (Fotobabble, Blabbarize)
7. Pick your favourite dance genre, record a short video clip of you performing it. Remember to also tell us why you like it.
8. Choose a dance genre and present its origins and characteristics. (photopeach, animoto)
9. Choose a famous dancer and create his biography (biographicon)

10. If you were a dance genre, which one would you be and why? ( voicethread)