Pen Pal Day June 1st

Create your own video slideshow at

Activities you can do individually or with your class:

1. Leave a spoken message on our Voicethread: Pen Pal Day or Key Pal Day?

2. Take our survey on computer use.

These are the results of the survey as of Pen Pal Day 2010.
43 people took part. Only the most popular answer(s) to every question are shown:

The original survey can still be seen and taken by clicking on this link.

3. Pick your favourite social network, present its origins and characteristics and tell us why you prefer that one. (animoto, prezi, GoAnimate)

4. Write a list of 5 simple things that you need to keep in mind in order to be safe online. (animoto, flixtime, toondoo, wordle) Here´s an example made by a student from the Maca in Seville, Spain:

Create your own video slideshow at

5. Create a word cloud with words related to the topic (wordle, imagechef, tagxedo)

6. Choose a song or a movie that goes into the topic - for instance, "You've got mail"

- Show us how people were brought together and give us your opinion on the idea of reaching out to others through technology. (You can use any slideshow/presentation tool you'd like )

Activities you can do together with other classes:

7. Find a class via e-pals and start exchanging letters. Prepare a glogster about the country you have exchanged letters with.

8. Join the Skype call event on the 31st of May and 1st of June. Please add ur details to the Google Spreadsheet to set up times for the calls. Here is the link:

9. Join our facebook page and connect with other students from around the world

10. Text messaging competition:
Leave an indecipherable text message on the Celebr8UandMeDigitally Facebook page.
Use as many abbreviations as possible (maximum 140 characters) and don´t forget to check the other messages there and write them out in full (if you can!)