Please tell us what you think about the project by adding a sticky note on the wall. We will be happy to hear your suggestions for other web 2.0 tools to use in our next projects.

Please add your details below.

The chart will allow us to easily connect our classes through Skype and the map will make it easier to pinpoint our location.


grades you teach

skype and/or email

suggestions for the next celebration

Eva Büyüksimkeşyan
grades 10,11,12

Alex Francisco
8, 9

grades 9-10; teens 14-18

Ana Maria Menezes
teens 15-17

Beatriz Lupiano
it varies-right now, 1 learner aged 7 -and two young adults (but also co-coordinating a cross cultural project with teen learners mostly-Eva is part of it:-)
I might try one of the crafts in this Squidoo lens and possibly create a story -not sure using which tool yet -Storybird, perhaps. If we have enough material we may include it in an Animoto or use Glogster so we can use voice as well and make up a song or chant.
Arjana Blazic
teens 14-18

Karla Nicholas teens 12-18
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