We are the students' of Esayan High School.
These glogs are made by Narod Ergüneş (The legend of Tamar), Burak Kaçi (poems by me)

Crossword puzzle by Sesilya Yeşiltepe and Mira Çizmeci (grade 10)Crossword Puzzle: Valentines Day

GoAnimate.com: Valentine'S Day by CeciliaY

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!
Sesilya and Mira's Valentine's Day animoto and the animation from GoAnimate

Mari's glog and Burak's historical couples

Although this was intended for their German assignment, I'll add here too.This is Burak and The Beatles for Valentine's day in German:-)))

Rubina' glog and Talar Dürüş & Dalar Duman prepared an other glog

Lara akyel's glog

Karin's glog on Ferhat and Shirin. an other love story

Lara's glog on a traditional love story.