Valentine's day Challenges:

  • Create a Valentine's card on animoto or goanimate
  • Recreate a scene in Xtranormal between 2 famous couples - could be historical couples like Romeo and Juliet or present day couples from a romantic movie that you like.
  • Do a research project about famous historical couples and present it either through glogster or capzles.
  • Go into the origins of St. Valentine's Day and create a short movie on it using Movie Maker or just scrapblog
  • Record a Valentine's message using Vocaroo
  • Write a poem or choose a poem and then perform it (audio or Video)
  • Research and send us the stories of a couple from your own culture using one of the web 2.0 tools of your choice.
  • Prepare a crossword puzzle using justcrosswords
  • Create a mini-dictionary using wordwizard.
  • Create comic strips. You can use the followings.Make Beliefs Comix - Two, three and four panel comics that you can create in multiple languages.
    Comic Strip Generator - You can upload photos or use web images in addition to their library of ready-to-use images
    Garfield - you can create comic strips or (in Comics Lab Extreme) comic books
    ToonDoo - the site allows students to share their comics, comment on other comics, and even save and edit a copy of a comic