Theater Day

Theater Day is celebrated on the 27th of March, so to contribute to the celebrations we decided to challenge you into completing some tasks.
Just to remind you how present the Theater is in our lifes we have used Oamos and embeded a quick search we did to find out what the web had to say about this. Browse through it and then scroll down to the GoAnimate video. :) Theater Day by alexgfrancisco

Here's your challenge.

There are several activities that you can choose from. Choose one or as many as you want.

a) Go into the origins of theater and present it using timeline tools such as Capzles or Preceden.

b) Research different genres such as tragedy, comedy, vaudeville or another one of your choice and share your findings through Glogster.

c) If you have watched a play, pretend you are a critic and write the review of the play. You might use Bitstrips or GoAnimate to present it.

d) A role play: One of you is the actor/actress of a play and the other is the reporter. Write the interview then act it out. Record your interview using Vocaroo.

c) Take part of the Shake Film Fest. And even if you miss the deadline post your film and share it with us.