"La Feria de Sevilla - The Seville Fair" - a capzle.

Guido´s elementary students from the Maca in Seville, Spain (Centro de Idiomas Macarena, in full) made the following capzle on the world famous Seville Fair. They had a lot of fun discovering Capzles as a tool, organising their work (all in English - congratulations), finding and uploading pictures, videos, music etc. One lesson they wanted to start dancing but were stopped in their tracks by a teacher with a webcam... they weren´t appropriately dressed to appear on camera, they said. They did include some personal pictures, though not much writing was done in their descriptions ... one can´t push a sevillano too much during the fair. Enjoy.

This embedded capzle doesn´t show the details of the entries. Click here to read student comments and see the dates of the pictures.

Thank you Alex, Charlie, Dove (Paloma, really), John Charles, Joseph, Laura, Leonor, Marta and Paul.