Inglishteacher's Christmas

This is how I spend my Christmas Eve. Usually I spend Christmas in Bulgaria with my wife’s family. In the evening we celebrate ‘Budni Vecher’. This is an occasion so rich in rituals and custom. Here is a taste of what happens;

The table must be laid completely before seating (including all cutlery, food and drinks).

No one can leave the table during the meal.

Only vegetarian food is eaten on Budni Vecher.

The table must only have an odd number of dishes – about 9 usually.

Bread is home-baked for the occasion, the oldest person present in the family breaks the bread and serves to 2nd oldest and so on.

A lucky coin is in the bread and each member of the family hopes to receive the portion with the coin inside it.

The largest log is placed in the fire that should burn all night and should be left to do so.

Budni Vecher is a very special occasion and is the highlight of Christmas.

How do you spend your Christmas?