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Earth Day should be celebrated by all. We hope you join us! :)

We would like to start by sharing with you a voicethread created by Earthbridges and invite you to add your voice to it!

Below you'll find some activities you can do to help us celebrate this wonderful day. Feel free to do as many as you want. ;) You might use the tools we suggest or any other tool you are confortable with.

1- Write a song lyric to raise awareness, find a suitable tune or make your own tune up, record(video/audio) yourself and then share it with us. (moviemaker, vocaroo, fotobbable)

2. List 5 simple things that can help the Earth. (animoto, flixtime)

3. Create a word cloud with words related to the topic (wordle, imagechef, tagxedo)

4. Find a proverb, quote or a saying which tells that nature is important. Draw the proverb, take a photo of it and send to us. (showbeyond)

5. Create a picture story showing the danger (toondoo, bitstrips)

6. Create a poster to alert people. (Glogster)

7. Interview your parents and friends and get their opinion on what needs to be done. (storyvault)

8. Visit tomorrow mural and leave your message to the world.