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Let's learn about EASTER around the world.

Choose one of the tasks below and share your projects here.

You can get inspiration for your texts here Easter text messages.

  • VOICETHREAD - "How do you celebrate EASTER in your family? " Record yourself in our group voicethread. All you have to do is click COMMENT and follow the instructions.

  • TOKBOX - create a video greeting card with the pre-set backgrounds. Click on send video message, then below your webcam image, click on GREETINGS, click on the arrow next to mother´s day and you´ll find easter.

  • BLABBERIZE - select a bunny image, cut out the mouth space, record a message and send it to your teacher and friends.

  • **BUBBLEJOY** - create your video greeting card and send the link to your teacher and friends.

  • **ACAPELA TV** - a text-to-speech message. Type your message for the bunny to say for you.

Write an Easter story. Use glogster, goAnimate, Xtranormal or storybird

Prepare a crossword puzzle with Easter vocabulary using justcrosswords, or a vocabulary game using classtools

Prepare a slideshow or a mini dictionary to teach Easter vocabulary. For slideshow you can use animoto, bubblr.