Hi all,
It is time for the new challenge.

Choose one of your favourite tool and create....

  • How is Christmas celebrated in your country? In your school? In your house/family? Share your world with us so we might know you a bit better. :)
    If you're not too keen on writing just create a video with pictures and short sentences. You can use Animoto, Flixtime, or moviemaker to do this. If you want to take a less techy approach you can always use PowerPoint, and then upload your presentation to SlideShare or SlideRocket. Again, it's all up to you.
  • Do you know any christmas songs, in English or in your own language? Then share them with us! Visit our Voicethread and sing to us! :) While you are there you might also leave your New year's Resolutions. ;)
  • Create a presentation on how christmas is celebrated in 2 different countries. You might use GoAnimate, Prezi, Fotobabble, moviemaker or any other tool any tool you want. Just dazzle us with your creativity.
  • Create a Christmas compilation album. Glogster will be very useful.
  • Help us with Christmas shopping and prepare a list with gift ideas for different age groups.
  • Christmas is a time to watch movies together with family. Tell us 5 popular Christmas movies. give your reason and persuade us to buy these DVDs.
  • Help us to cook for Christmas. We would like to know 5 traditional Christmas foods and please add one of the recipes.
  • You all know Christmas stories, such as Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens or The Gift of Magi by O'Henry, etc. Choose one of the Christmas stories that you like and write a review for your friends.
  • Prepare a picture dictionary with Christmas vocabulary.
  • Prepare a word game or a puzzle.
  • Write your New Year's resolutions
  • Create an online greeting card, write your own message on it.
  • Write a Christmas or a New Year's eve story to fill our hears with joy and happiness.
  • Write a Christmas poem
  • Go to the voicethread and leave your messagges there. We will be glad to hear voices all around the world.

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.